So, in January we posted the first of our monthly vlogs! In this series of vlogs, we will be giving you an insight into what we do, you’ll get to meet our amazing office team, you’ll see us take on a different challenge every month and much more!


In this vlog, we had former Boyband superstar Lee Brennan (911) start things off making sure you all like, share and subscribe, followed by our company director, Matt Hall giving a brief intro to the company and our staff!


Next up was our ‘Act of the Month’ feature! We chose Donna Marie as Lady Gaga for our January act of the month, mainly because she is a phenomenal tribute artist, but also because she is a joy to work alongside!

We asked Donna a few questions about her act that she answers in the section!



We also had our fantastic Robbie Williams tribute act, Dan Budd give us his random act fact of the month!


We then move onto our MLH Monthly challenge, where members of our office staff go head to head in silly challenges! This month, Matt and Emily went head to head in a 5 question quiz challenge based around themselves and our acts! It was a close affair but Emily came out on top!

The Vlog was then closed out by former Hollyoaks legend, David Kennedy!


If you haven’t seen our first MLH Entertainments Vlog, make sure you check it out HERE!

You can also check out all our acts featured in the Vlog such as Lee Brennan, Donna Marie as Lady Gaga, David Kennedy and much more by clicking HERE!


Thanks for watching/reading and keep an eye for episode 002!